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Here's some good news, "Up Beat", the positive, optimistic, inspiring news program will premiere an all new show on October 15th. "The show's much faster paced now, with more stories plus much more warm, human interaction between the show's anchors," says Producer Herman Wallace.

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This new show will be seen on more cable systems and include more material as well, each story focusing on one of four intriguing people. Wallace says "They're each amazing and inspiring in their own way -- and they're all doing wonderful things to make our world a better place."

The lead story covers Venice resident Eric Spears who, despite being a full-time high-school principal, is also the co-founder of Students Run LA, an organization devoted to training students to run the LA marathon. Also featured are all the people whose homes were saved by the Super Scooper, a wonderful flying firefighter, and Stepahni Victor an amazing and inspiring women who turned a tragedy into a miracle through sheer strength of will.

This show is anchored from Redondo's Kind Harbor, one of Los Angeles most lively harbors. Highlighted in the final segment, this beautiful public area is where hundreds of SCUBA divers recently brought up all kinds of junk during their annual underwater cleanup.

"People love Up Beat," says Wallace, "it's such a relief to TV viewers out there who used to have to shut off their TVs every time the news came on. Now, there is an alternative.

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