UpBeat's Mission:
UpBeat presents positive, optimistic real world news for everyone. UpBeat is an alternative to the tired, old, usual news media with all their violence, tragedy, destruction, and crime reporting. We are different: focusing on positive, uplifting, good news of local and general interest. There are two kinds of news, and UpBeat covers the right one. Inspirational human interest, outstanding community service, admirable role models, heroic efforts, and actual medical miracles are just some of the subjects which UpBeat features. Overall, our stories are real, emotional, visual, up-close and personal.

The format of UpBeat is open, yet professional and fresh. On TV, our anchors are not preaching from behind a pretentious set; they bookend featured stories from a beautiful park, beach, or mountain - a different place each week. So, for every show the setting is also a story, a wonderful location which people can enjoy. Each segment is personal and human. UpBeat stories are tight, direct, and real - not flowery or storybook-ish. They stay focused on one individual and how that person makes a difference, how they have made the world a better place.

Through sincere reporting and direct visuals, the positive, uplifting feeling the audience has will be all the more real. By presenting the good side of the real world, UpBeat offers viewers a choice, a chance to watch something different. Because the stories are honest, personal, up-close explorations of good people everyone can relate to, the reality of the show is truly compelling and has positive emotional impact.

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