From Wheelchair to Bicycle
Story by Dave Q and Herman Wallace
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Dave Q sets off for Vancover, Canada
Dave Q has Multiple Sclerosis. Until June 1995, his health was sliding steadily downhill from the Chronic Progressive variety of MS. Dave was eventually confined to a wheelchair, and then discovered a program of 'Natural Recovery.' Less than 3 years later, in 1997, Dave completed a 3000 mile bicycle trip from Los Angeles to Vancouver and back!

"I gave 17 speeches about 'Natural Recovery from MS' to support groups, and about increasing the Positive, Solution Oriented News to Optimist clubs," says Dave. During the 63 days of his trip he also visited 17 Cohousing and intentional communities, attending the national Cohousing conference in Seattle. What a trip for someone with MS!

And believe it or not, he's just set out to do it again! Dave left this May'98 for a bicycle trip from Los Angeles to Canada and back. It'll take 6 months or so, circuitous route. He'll be riding his new recumbent bicycle, and speaking to MS support groups along the way.

Dave Q was once in a wheelchair
Dave is sending us live reports from the Road - Stay tuned to this page for frequent updates!

How did he do it? He says, "I live a lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity, living lightly on the Earth. This keeps me healthy, as I naturally get plenty of sunlight, exercise, positive attitude, and supplements.

Here's Dave's secret to Natural Recovery from MS. It involves building a healthy lifestyle through 5 areas: Dave Q was once in a wheelchair
  • Developing a positive attitude. Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Exercise - swimming is best for MS [stay cool].
  • Changes in Diet - Low fat diet, no gluten[no corn/soy/cereals], dairy, processed foods or meat. High in fish, organic vegetables[raw is best], fruit, nuts, beans, rice.
  • Supplements - Omega 3,6, strong anti-oxidants like Pycnogenol or any red berry.
  • Sunlight -wake up before dawn, walk in sunlight every day, no fluorescent lights.
Dave also spends a lot of time increasing the Positive, Solution Oriented Stories in the local news. "I just catch the media getting it right and then compliment them," says Dave.