Art of the People
The Healing Arts
Summary by Michael Schwartz
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SWAN Director, Ronda Flanzbaum
"S.W.A.N.'s mission is to look at homelessness through the eye of the arts , then develop and uncover some solutions through the arts that all people can understand." -- Street Without a Name (SWAN) - Founder, Ronda Flanzbaum

Shelter Director, Carma G. Henning
"SWAN brings people together as equals regardless of race, sex, or housing status. We take them back to the days of arts and crafts." They have aesthetic sense, talent, skills; they have things they want to express, and SWAN gives them opportunity to do that." - Carma G. Henning, Shelter Director

SWAN Particpants assembling mosaic
The Mosiac
Detail of the mosiac
The residents created 14 mosaic frames that are displayed for all to see at the shelter.

The Transitional Home Village
This is the Transitional Dome Village where its residents along with SWAN, Ronda Flanzbaum, Ted Hayes, and Anim-Action studios, organized the creation of an ambitious animation project.

Working on the animation
Swan Presents...
The animation piece proved to be the perfect opportunity for different people of different races and backgrounds to come together and reach a common goal.

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If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation (even art supplies will help!) contact SWAN (Street Without a Name) at 310-578-1400 or email them at

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